Virtual Tour from 360 Photos

What is a 360 Virtual Tour?

A Virtual Tour is a collection of 360 degree photos. These multiple images are represented in a sequence which shows it as gallery or tour.

Virtual, 360 degree real estate tours are an brilliant way to boost your selling or rental process.

Complete Video Instructions, What is a 360 Virtual Tour.

These stunning 360 degree real estate presentations can be made from your own 360 photos! Virtual tour reveals remotely all the alluring details, astonishing views in a captivating way from your house.

Virtual house tours can be viewed across the web, remotely, where you can experience surroundings and house interiors in a simple way.

This allows rental candidates and home buyers to experience the home, showing spaces from all angles.

Figure 1: 3D Virtual Tour Example.

This virtual open house enables you to decide perspective closer to true-to-life experience.

Innovations, faster telecom networks and new powerful smartphones bring Virtual Tours to your hand everywhere.

Why to Use a Virtual Tour?

Virtual Tours bring one more layer of realism to discover more, with an interactive and

more affordable way.

3D Tours permit visitors to examine your property using less time, build genuine interest from the first glance. Visitors can decide with a higher confidence if they may determine to visit in open house holding.

Main Benefits of Using Virtual Tour

The key advantages of using a Virtual Tour are visitors exposure apartment and access it before they fit a viewing.

This comes vital when visitors live far away or even overseas.

Virtual Tours bring more people to your listing and attract better via enthralling and enchanting look. This adds leads and reduce unnecessary showings.

Property owners get higher success rates, while reducing costs. For rental a house, the same principles are valid. This luxurious service is built-to-sell your estate, faster than others, and the cost for you is priced-under value.

· Real feel

· More profits

· More accessible

· Better customer satisfaction

· These tours are attractive and far more detailed.

Figure 2: Virtual Tour Main Benefits in Numbers.

How to Use a Virtual Tour?

Getting started to use Virtual Tours is possible with a couple mouse clicks. The virtual tour is very easy to use with your touch.

3D Virtual Tours can be viewed through desktop computers, laptops, tablets and of course, mobile devices.

Your listed property can be seen from different angles, seamlessly and virtual tours can be shared cross the internet.

Figure 3: Virtual Tour Sharing, Android, iPhone and iPad.

The Keys to a Good Virtual Tour

A good virtual tour is built from individual 360 pictures. 360 images are made with 360 cameras. 360 photographing is opened more in later chapters.

Application of Virtual Tours

People are looking for easier ways to reach potential customers to their listings in property portals.

With 360-degree views, homebuyers can have an idea and feel for the place before booking any travel.

That saves you the time and ads a real value in the real estate selling process. You will get the most effective marketing way and more leads into the sales or rent funnel.

Your clients are interacting with your virtual tour content, making them more emotionally engaged and help later on with buying decisions.

Cloud-based 360 Degree Virtual Tours work on all most used devices such as Android, iPad, iPhone.

How to Order a Virtual Tour Made from Your 360 Photos?

Seven reasons why not use online 360 degree virtual tour creator tools and big companies behind them.

· These online tools are always too technical

· They work now and then, and usually at next time the whole graphical interfaced is changed

· You may need this service rather rarely and every time you need to learn the process again

· Making 360 tour is actually technologically very complex and time-consuming

· Internet 360 tour providers try to hook you with recurrent payments

· Your photos and privacy are overwhelmed with ads and privacy breaches

· The lower the price, the less human-to-human experience or guidance is involved.

Figure 4: How to Order a Virtual Tour from Your 360 photos.

Why Choose a ready-made Virtual Tour?

Most likely you need to make a personal account, sign for a service that will start filling your email with continuous emails of their services and offers. What about taking 360 photos by yourself and order a ready-made virtual tour?

A Virtual Tour build from your own 360 photos will:

· Save a lot of your own precious time.

· It is easy and quick.

· Has a cost-competitive price

· Via link works everywhere, in any listing and property portal

· Can be embedded into a website.

How to Get a Virtual Tour?

Use your smartphone for ordering a Virtual Tour but you can also download all your 360 photos with any other device.

Please check the opening video above, how to upload a 360 photos and see, which other things are required.

Can I get my virtual tour by hiring someone?

Yes, you can! You can use a professional 360 photographer and order a ready made created tour via them. However, most likely you will spend some amount of time and money, which opens you an alternative option.

The real opportunity to be is to use that money for 360 camera and make a 360 photographing by yourself. And by doing it yourself (DIY) is actually very simple as you will see in the next chapters.

The Key Question: How to order a 360 Virtual Tour made from your 360 degree photos?

After property 360 photos, you only upload them to the cloud with a floor plan. Then you will receive the final virtual tour link.


What is 360 or 3D Camera?

This chapter covers the basics of what 360 photography is. 3D or 360 degree capable cameras most commonly take two images from two sides. This spherical shaped camera usually has two fisheye lenses, but some cameras can have over 20+ lenses.

One important factor is that how images are ‘stitched’ together. So called stitching errors can be seen in the scene rather easily, which appeal in Virtual Tour too.

Figure 5: Samsung Gear 360 and Nikon KeyMission 360, older 360 cameras.

Why Buy a 360 Camera? Why would you use 360° photos?

360 cameras have unique features. These cameras are exactly to build for presenting your property in a enthralling way. With one shot, you will be able to capture entire spaces. 360 photos bring a stunning experience for the watcher and a true the freedom to look at every angle of the photo.

These 3D cameras are relatively profitable and just as easy as using a compact camera. With several 360 photos, the final virtual tour showcase reveals more than tens of separate pictures together!

Which 360 Camera Do I Need?

The most popular 360 cameras brands are Ricoh, GoPro and Insta360, however smaller brands may offer a good image quality in a lower price point.

If the picture quality is your first priority, choosing cameras can be a cumbersome task.

It is recommended to pay attention for easy camera usage (and its software!), with a minimal hassle in photographing sessions and after it. Most likely, all the extra editing can be avoided with a great camera choice.

The overall functionality of the camera is very important and there are huge differences within brands and their models.

For instance, an automatic stitching or easy photo uploading process in the camera can be its weakness or strengths.

Figure 6: GoPro Max and Insta360 ONE X Models Deliver A Good Compromise Between Price and Quality.

What are the best 360 cameras?

New camera models come all the time, so the latest information can be found from internet portals, where independent reviews are shown. For a good 360 footage and your next camera purchase, take your time to find your top choice. Investment can affect a lot to the photographing result.

Figure 7: Ricoh Theta Z1, the High Performance 360 Camera.

Summary: Which is the best 360 camera?

What Are 360-Degree Photos? How 360 imaging works?

360 camera photos are two or more pictures taken from the space around the camera. Most cameras use dual lenses and the pictures are stitched together. This way a complete 360 view is produced.

Older devices may have needed hours of editing time to look good and several other more time-consuming steps while photographing.

How do you take 360 photo?

You can be wondering if 360 photos needs a high-end equipment and years of training to be mastered, but in fact that is vice versa.

When you’re photographing by yourself, make sure you know few 360 photography basics.

Setting Up Your 360° Camera

Please follow these steps at photographing.

Use a Timer, a tripod, pick the right height, run behind the corner and use a print out copy of your house floor plan to mark each position.

Figure 8: Floor Plan Markings while 360 Camera Photo Takes.

How to photograph a virtual tour using your 360 camera?

Producing 360 photos are an important element needed for the final virtual tour. There are few steps and equipment needs for succeeding in the 360 photographing.

An introduction some essentials and basics.

Everybody can teach you how to do 360 photographing, but some things make it easier.

Sufficient lighting is essential and check that the house is clean and free of extra belongings. 360 cameras just require a moment to learn how to be used effectively.

It doesn’t matter, you can be a beginner or a professional at taking 360 pictures. Remember a camera stand.

Figure 9: Place Stand with a 360 Camera Somewhere in the Middle of the Space.

Well, that was the best practice, you only need hit the shutter button and photographing process begins!

Keywords: Virtual Tour Tips

360 Camera Stand

360 cameras require a stand, a stable support, which will raise the camera height high enough.

Use the camera on a tripod, from a static position most of the pictures are taken from in the middle of a room or space.

Equipment for virtual tour are not just a 360 camera and its stand, the Complete System needs a Floor Plan.



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